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Mulch Delivery

Get 2 yards of Agromin ES2 mulch delivered to your yard for only $179.99!!!Compost Turning

We'll revive your compost, doing the dirty work for you, so you'll be ready for future planting: Only $79.99!!! per visit. Includes:
  • Turning, feeding and inoculating your compost with Active Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) (boosts the vitality and decomposition process of your compost bin by adding oxygen and microbial life into the mix.) 
  • Harvesting compost that is ready for use (if available)
  • Organizing compost area for ease of use.
Once turned properly your bin will remain active for the next three months. Then you get the good stuff!

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Permaculture Design Consulting
We infuse permaculture principles in every custom design we draft. Start with a plan that works for your landscape now and builds long term growth in the future.  It's saves money and time. Our professional advice and personal collaboration will streamline your vision and priorities.

Garden landscapes utilizing Permaculture ethics is what brings balance to your outdoor spaces. We work with you personally to create an edible water-wise landscape that will yield veggies for your table, save water, and look beautiful.  Integrate your vision and goal with the environment.  From start to finish, we'll be there for you every step of the way.

Initial site assessment and consultation:  $150.00 hr-(First hour includes your own copy of Food Not Lawns or The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture.)

Drafting Vision Plans/Action Plans- $125/hr (4 hour minimum)

Garden Performance Packages
Get the garden support you need, when you need it.

photo by Janet Tallarigo Murphy

Keep your garden in optimal health with one of VCoop's performance packages. Our crew will energize your garden! includes compost turning and amending, weeding and top-feeding, trimming and arboring, planting, compost tea applications, and general care. 
3 Hour health visit - $499.99
6 Hour health visit - $999.99

Actively Aerated Compost Tea
Grow greener, healthier, more attractive plants without damaging the environment.

photo by Janet Tallarigo Murphy

Brewed from Ventura Coop's compost piles, dextrose, humic acid, brewer's yeast, molasses, and kelp extract, VCoop's Actively Aerated Compost Tea is perfect for root watering or foliar spray.

Benefits: Protects against disease, increases harvest yields, encourages root development, and adds life to the soil.

$12.99 gallon, $199.99 per brew (20 gallons)

Service Applications:  $195.00 min (includes root soak and foliar spray with up to 5 gallons of tea)

Landscape Contractors and Local Farms:  Call for supply quote.

Raised Bed Gardens
Built to order, and built to last.  

Raised beds built with untreated Douglas Fir, filled with Ventura Coop Enriched compost and planted with seasonal appropriate plants. Designed for your yard up to 18 sq ft.  $499.99 installed.  
Custom designs and installations-Call for quote.

Worm Farm Starter Kits

Established active worm factory with extra supplies brought to your back yard, fed and installed. 

$329.99 (include a 3 month support plan for $79.99)

Just want worm castings? We have those too!

Vertical Gardens

Recycled shipping pallets converted to hold plants in vertical beds, painted with signs for plant identification. Installed with a variety of plant starts in Ventura Coop Compost. 

Call for a quote

Ventura Coop Enriched Compost

photo by Janet Tallarigo Murphy

Our living compost and soil is made with locally sourced materials.  We use cold compost methods, aged and monitored consistently with active turning, microscope monitoring and our good ol' sense of smell.  Like the forest floor after a rain.

$17 bucket, $30 bag, $375 per truckload (approx. 1.5 yards delivered)

Compost Bins

Get your City of Ventura Discount Coupon and Save Money!

Installed and filled with ingredients to start producing healthy compost $299.99 includes 1 month service

Gift Certificates:

Get someone you care about the gift of green!  Any amount can be used for any of VCoop's products and services.

To Order Now and/or Schedule Service Contact:

Jason Brock

Ventura Cooperative

(805) 765-1892