Saturday, December 21, 2013

Art City Winter Solstice Planting

Paul Lindhard from Art City Studios on the westside of Ventura asked us to help organize a community planting on a lot adjacent to the Ventura River Bike Path.  We organized some of the finest permaculture gardeners in the city to come down and help out.

Art City is a stone working art community.  Paul had dozens of pallets of shist.  These large stones we used as borders for raised beds all along the parameter of the lot.  We ordered 15 yards of Agromin's premium compost and Green Thumb donated starts to plant in the beds.  Here is a quick video of us preparing the site for a Solstice planting party.  If you get the chance, go down to Rex and Dubbers and check it out!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

TEDx Ojai-Dream Me, Build Me, Make Me Real

On September 21st, Jason Brock will be one of the speakers talking about redefining community environments at TEDx Ojai. The event is part of TEDCity2.0, and local organizers will be streaming talks from NYC as part of a day long exchange of ideas and inspiring thought.  Jason, one of Ventura Cooperative's founders, will be speaking on time banking as a way to help build networks of trust within our local economy.

Join him and other local cultural creatives in this all day event.  To request an invitation click on TEDx Ojai icon above.  Be sure and enter the word TIMEBANK in your request to receive a 20% discount.  All the details and information can be found on the website for the event.

Your participation is what makes the dream a reality.  Be the change.   These ideas are worth sharing.

btw-Sign up for the Ventura Time Bank as an attendee and get a 1 hour credit in your account.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

DHiT Guerrilla Gardening Flashmob Video

With this video, get some inspiration from the guerrilla gardeners in the Hague, The Netherlands.  Of course we have our own version of GG'ing in Ventucky--We have The Green Action Group .  It's always nice however, to get some perspective and some solidarity from our fellow Green Resisters.  Keep Growing!

Green Action Group Facebook Page

Heads Up!  Want to be in the Green Action text loop?  Text @greenactiongroup to 23559 and sign up.  Then you'll get and be able to send on the ground green action updates.  Show up with a shovel and some bananas.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shipping Pallet Gardens

Now is a good time to install a shipping pallet garden along a fence or wall in your yard. Ventura Coop sources used pallets, cleans them up, delivers and installs with compost and seedlings for $270.00

Grow Your Own!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ventura Time Bank

Ventura Time Bank is a skill-sharing and services network. It it based on the concept that your time and talent is a valuable resource to the community. For every hour you put in, you receive an hour of a service you need in return. These hours will eventually turn into a local currency that can be used to purchase locally made sustainable products. Buy joining the Ventura Time Bank you get the community based services you need and help further the building of a vibrant local economy based on equity and value.