Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ventura Cooperative Delivers Mulch and Soil

There is no reason not to do it if you care for your soil, your plants, your environment and the earth.  We'll make it even easier by doing it for you.  Get a truckload of public mulch delivered and spread out in your yard.  You watch.  We work.  Let's make Ventura a beautiful and soil rich community one landscape at a time.

When we're finished your garden looks great because it's healthy and protected, and ready for the El Nino rains everyone is waiting for.  Protecting the soil is the most overlooked way of restoring balance to the ecosystem.  Learn more here:

Mulch, mulch, and more mulch!  Everything in the food soil web benefits.  From humans to micro-arthropods!  Here at Ventura Cooperative, we made a lot of rich soil in 2015, and we want to continue making more in 2016.  

Get your mulch delivery today! Call 805-765-1892 or e-mail