photo by Janet Tallarigo Murphy

Ventura Coop (VCoop) is building a worker's cooperative owned and controlled by the workers.  Our mission is to participate in, help build, organize and sustain a localized economy that is ecologically and socially responsible (separate from and in contrast to the aims of the corporate state in all it’s institutional manifestations.) We've started our business in the garden, because sustainable edible landscapes create health and vitality both for the individual and the community.  
We manage The Ventura Time Bank and encourage barter and gift economy practices within the local community and elsewhere. We partner with cooperatives and other localized economies that share the similar ecological and social platforms.
VCoop supports and protects the Commons through open source sharing and distribution of information helpful to those interested in cooperative community based practices.

We are open to all persons able to use services without gender, social, racial, political or radical discrimination. 

Ventura Coop
77 California Street Ventura CA. 93001 (805) 765-1892 venturacoop@gmail.com

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